Disclaimer Policies

Laur Aloha Travel’s travel resources are created to show you the amazing places and sights Hawaii has to offer, but it is up to you to assess the necessary skills to safely engage in all activities such as hiking, snorkeling, swimming etc. All readers must assume responsibility for their own actions and safety. While you may find some helpful tips, advice and information in travel guides and blogs, it is up to you to prepare for all conditions you may encounter. It is critical to use your own judgement based on your personal fitness and skill levels in addition to current weather, trail, tide and ocean conditions. These conditions often change quickly and unexpectedly in Hawaii and can vary based on things such as season and time of day, therefore rendering any information on this website subject to change without warning.


The authors of the content on lauralohatravel.com and our social channels try to ensure the information is as accurate as possible, but disclaim liability for any accidents, loss, injury, inconveniences, or any other damage you may experience by anyone who accesses or uses the information contained on this website or social channels. We love to help visitors plan amazing experiences, but any action you take is at your own risk including using published information, engaging in the activities, visit locations, doing business with a partner or purchasing products recommended on our platform(s). 


We hope to provide a general idea of what you can expect from the hikes, beaches and other locations/activities on our site and will do our best to ensure information is up-to-date and accurate, but do not take responsibility or assume liability for inaccuracies, errors, omission, or incompleteness of any information.

Hiking Disclaimer

Hiking Disclaimer:  Hiking can be extremely dangerous and certain hikes may require a certain level of ability – not every trail is a good idea for every person. Please keep your personal fitness and skill levels in mind, and always take proper safety precautions. Many popular hikes in Hawaii are also illegal and could come with hefty fines. Do your research before your adventures to make sure hikes are open to the public and not on private land. Always check weather forecasts and tides if applicable!

Beach & Ocean Safety Disclaimer

Ocean Safety Disclaimer: Beach and ocean conditions can be extremely dangerous and certain activities may require a certain level of ability and skill. Always take proper safety precautions when near bodies of water and pay special attention to weather forecasts, tides, currents, and safety signage. Visit hioceansafety.com to view current wind & surf reports and additional safety information. As the trusty old saying goes: When in doubt, don’t go out! 


View real-time conditions at HawaiiBeachSafety.com

Animal Safety Disclaimer

Look but never touch! Many of Hawaii’s animals are protected by law which require you to give them space. Never touch, disturb, or chase the wildlife you come across on your adventures.

Check out these fact sheets for more info on the species you may be lucky enough to see!